1580 Forest Hill Rd
Macon, GA 31210
(478) 477 • 0717

The Clubhouse

Billy’s Clubhouse is North Macon’s destination for live entertainment in North Macon.  Legend has it that the clubhouse was open in 1984 by a local bookie named Billy Doolittle.  It originally had two independently lockable front doors for extra security and pretty much ran 24-7 with the knowledge and unofficial acceptance of local police.  Billy Doolittle is rumored to have died in the kitchen and patrons say his ghost runs freely in the clubhouse during the week.  Billy’s is one of the longest continuously operating bars in Middle Georgia, and it is loved and revered by many.  We offer great drinks, excellent customer service, and a strong sense of community. Our facilities are offered for sponsoring multiple events and fundraisers.